How You Got Here – About Us


We are delighted that everyone who uses our custom embroidery services knows they are getting a unique, personalized item worthy of anyone who needs to be recognized as a cut above.

Before I created Polkadot Orchid Embroidery, I worked as a gardener cataloging the botany collection of a University greenhouse, including lots of orchids, and teaching at a garden park.
Then I had children and my husband uprooted the family to move cross country. I found myself in a new town, far from friends, and unable to grow my garden. Instead, I focused on raising my family. And on sewing.

I fell in love with embroidery, which allowed me to create anything I wanted from my baby’s own handprint on a quilt to a botanical drawing on an apron. My family and friends loved my work, and I recognized that I could use embroidery to make other people feel special and loved.

I was concerned that people wouldn’t want to pay for custom embroidery. But then someone asked me to stitch a gift using nautical flags for their loved one’s name. I noticed that custom nautical flag embroidery was hard to find.

I set out to create personalized, monogrammed apparel and gifts that you couldn’t find anywhere for the most discerning customers in America.  

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

Suppliers of high quality materials were hard to find or difficult to negotiate with. I needed consistent, high quality items that would stand up to embroidery.

We researched endlessly to find the right items to embroider on for our customers. We embroider everything in our Virginia studio and inspect it for our customers so they can stand out.

Most of all, I worried about how to balance building a successful business with raising my family. I have three children, two of whom have had special challenges.

Through it all, we offered our first products and services in 2009 and the response has been amazing. People love the elegance and quality of embroidery. Our customers are thrilled when they see their own name, monogram, or message on something made just for them.