Caring For Your Embroidery

Clothing care tags concern the unembellished garment before embroidery. Once a garment is embroidered, a few extra precautions ensure that it will look its best over time.

Hand-washing and air drying is always the gentlest option and will prolong the life of your garment. We recommend washing delicate embroidered items, such as handkerchiefs, by hand.

If You’re Washing Embroidered Garments by Machine
  • Wash the garment inside out.
  • Zip up any zippers (especially metal zippers) of any garment that will be in the wash along with your embroidered item. Or better yet, wash items that have metal zippers (such as jeans) in a different load entirely.
  • Machine wash on the gentlest cycle that you can (hand wash or delicate cycle) and don’t overload the washing the machine to reduce the amount of abrasion to the embroidery.
  • Use mild detergent, such as Woolite, and cold water.
  • If your embroidery becomes stained, do not rub at the stain.
  • If you must use bleach, non-chlorine bleach is better (follow product directions). However a small amount of chlorine bleach is OK.
  • We use colorfast thread on our garments, but the garment itself may not be colorfast. If you notice any color bleeding into the water, rinse in lukewarm water once, then in cold water several times until the water runs clear.
Drying Embroidered Garments After Washing
  • Remove garments from the wash promptly. Never let embroidered items lay wet and crumpled in a pile or left soaking in water for a prolonged period of time.
  • Do not wring out embroidered items.
  • Lay items flat to dry in a sunny location, again, with the items inside out or dry in the dryer on medium heat and remove promptly when the dry cycle is over.
Dry Cleaning
  • It’s possible to dry clean embroidered garments, but avoid using pre-spotting agents and use extreme care – especially for reds, oranges, and darker shades of color.
  • Never let the iron directly touch the embroidery – iron from the backside of the garment and place a clean cloth (such as a towel) over the embroidery before ironing.
  • Iron on low.
  • Do not use the steam function or spritz the garment with water. This could shrink the stabilizer, which would cause the embroidery to pucker.
Caring for Lace Jewelry
  • Our lace jewelry is stiffened using a water-soluble material. Wetting and rinsing the lace will cause it to become soft and limp.
  • Never shower or swim wearing our lace jewelry.
  • Storing your lace jewelry flat to helps it keep its shape over time.
  • Although the oils on your skin will prevent sterling silver from tarnishing while you wear it, it may tarnish when exposed to air and humidity over time. We send our jewelry with anti-tarnish cotton or with a small square of anti-tarnish cloth to help your jewelry remain shiny and beautiful whenever you are not wearing it. The anti-tarnish cloth is black while the cotton doubles as a cushion in the box. Please keep these anti-tarnish materials next to your jewelry in storage.