Lace Applique

Do you have a project you’d like to embellish? We offer lace appliques for you to use for your own project. You can sew them using a zig-zag stitch onto your own clothing or use fabric glue to attach them to difficult-to-sew items (like shoes or purses).

Most companies only offer lace appliques in black or white. We offer all of our lace in over 50 colors, so can get a trendy pop of color without resorting to using dyes. (We also offer black and white if you want classic and conservative, of course.) You can request a small amount of matching thread in order to hand stitch the lace onto your own project.

Some of our lace appliques are stitched from historical lace patterns. This is great for historical costumers or theatrical productions. (They have popular Victorian names to distinguish them from our modern lace appliques.) We offer mirrored versions for asymmetrical designs. Contact us if you need specialty thread (such as glow-in-the-dark, metallic, or silk).

Our turn around time for making lace is generally 1 week. Large orders (more than 30 pieces) may require more time. We make all of our lace here in the USA.

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